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   Dinner Parties & Weekly Dinner


Private Dinners                                            

***service does not include the cost of food

estimated cost of groceries $45-$65 per person


3 Course dinner for 2     


4 Course dinner for 2


5 course Dinner party for 8

        $125 per guest 

Two pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres per guest $20 per guest

menu variation per guest $15 per person



Weekly Meal Service

**listed prices do not include the cost of food

Basic Service

Each week, a menu will be designed specifically for your family using fresh, seasonal ingredients for you to review, Once the menu and drop off time is established, you'll be ready to enjoy some amazing food. Prices listed below for family of 4. You may choose to have your meals prepared in home or delivered.

Family of 4

2 dinners/ week $250 

3 dinners/ week  315

4 dinners/  week 380

Premium Service- Dinner prepared and served right in your own kitchen, as if you were dining out. Your kitchen will be left clean and tidy. 

 Family of 2                          

1 night  $ 150

2 nights $200

3 nights $275

Family of 4

1 night $205

2 nights  $315

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